4th Wave & 2nd Set

by Peg & the Rejected

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from Marco on the Bass blog: "my album of the year has to go Peg & the Rejectedand their album "4th Wave." Who you may ask? Yes, this California based band who are better known as The Dingees have recorded the best ska album of 2016. Its the first Trump-era album that mixes the best of The Selecter, Operation Ivy/Rancid, Fishbone and The Skatalites Band into an album that any discerning ska fan looking for thoughtful and thought provoking lyrics about the current state of our world will love. Its an album about American life today -- secrecy, lies, fake news, propoganda, income inequality, police brutality, US aggression abroad -- and its effects. There are so many memorable songs, but for me, its the bittersweet"Stray Bullets" which is an instant classic. It features a chorus that could have been written by Pauline Black, who is the best 2-Tone lyricist ever -- "Stray bullets could only catch the innocent/guilty finger pointing trigger and pulling it." Check it out and let me know what you think. Its available on iTunes and Amazon and you can stream it on Spotify."

Do The Dog SkaZine: "One of the USA's best kept secrets are the really rather awesome Peg & the Rejected. This Californian based combo boast a very cool edgy 2 tone ska sound with spiky anti-establishment lyrics that they first brandished in fine style on their excellent debut "4th Wave" album at the end of 2016. New Years Day saw them return to action with an even better follow up, the cunningly titled "2nd Set" mini album. It contains 5 killer cuts that are not to be missed."


released November 9, 2018

Peg & The Rejected's 4th Wave & 2nd Set
International City Recordings
written by-
Pegleg: lead vocal, rhythm guitar, alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, synth, samples, artwork
Bean: bass
Aaron Landers: organ, piano, keyboards, lead guitar, backup vocal
Scrodgers: drums, percussion, backup vocal
Ethan Luck: drums, percussion, guitar
DC: throat
JRoss Parrelli: backup vocal
Jenny Falk: backup vocal
Chris Valle: lead guitar
Greg Togawa: lead guitar
Bryan Watson: trumpet
Ian Jacks: tenor sax
Shaunté Palmer: trombone
Wendy Levin: guitar, baritone guitar, backup vocal, audio engineer
recorded at D.M. Gremlin Studios LBC
produced by Wendy Levin & DreadPirateRoberts
additional engineering by Peter Lago at Maui Wave Studios, Kihei HI
B3 recorded by Antoine Arvizu @ Compound studio, Long Beach CA




Peg & the Rejected Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Sound So Soothing
everything I touch disaster
everything I do is struggle
everything I do brings trouble
everything I touch catastrophe
everyone becomes opposition
in an idiocracy
every scum vies for position
in this lowlife mire hierarchy
bad faith the state indoctrination
lies our native language
we fill our history with annihilation
repeating all atrocities
can't stand them still cheering
these sickening politicians
there once was a time when
we'd rise in opposition
but the brainwashing,
the conditioning, repeating
more they hope for change
the more end up the same
when the music hits me
melody can move me
nothing can get to me
Sound So Soothing
tonic for my aching soul in captivity
drown down drain
drinking wages right
sick of going out at night
some small spark still alive inside
cannot submit from 9 to 5
went out for work but work out there
never worked out fair or I mighta
she smashed my glass broke my beer
she shook her ass I slipped in cider
made it my business
to rouse a rise in resistance
dropping jewels & gems
in this capitalist pigpen
fix on this frequency
warned it was all conspiracy
but no one willing to listen to me
when the music hits me
melody can move me
nothing can get to me
sound so soothing
tonic for my aching soul in captivity
something just ain't right
signed indefinite detention
into law on new years night
something just ain't right
how many will go missing
disappearing in the night
Track Name: Sing It Out At Street Level
Sing It Out At Street Level
boost the bass and twist the treble
all our leaders lie and employ pure murder
do I really have to sing this again?
the state we're in I admit it bears repeating
authorities exist demand our overthrowing
passive populace pretending
like they never knowing that
hard to forget if you're one
hit by empire stray bullet
hard to ignore building implode
after owner says pull it
hard to believe they buried boogeyman's body at sea
without one soldier's cellphone
or helmet cam snapping one
picture to prove it
sing it out at street level
boost the bass and twist the treble
all our leaders lie and produce pure murder
are you ready
wondering where to begin?
first steps rejecting this
whole worthless system
establishment persists
the harder we resist it
but ceasing to exist
the moment we dismiss it
hard to convince significance
of working with them in it
hard to insist when peace prize prez
is keeping a sig strike kill-list
expending ammo faster
than can even be replenished
enduring each side
ever extending expanding
war that's endless
Track Name: Straybullets
aiming in their sights at the other criminals
these gangsters with badges
lowriding mafioso
I said it takes one to know one
two sides of the same coin
accustomed to taking bribes
blinding the eyes of the wise
and perverts the words of the righteous
distorting justice
the gangs and governance
there's no difference
warrantless on wires
they're inside spying
but backfire could bullseye outside
the intended target
crimes committed by these criminals
but the innocents are catching the stray bullets
crimes committed by these criminals
but the innocents are catching the stray bullets
by definition
Stray bullets
could only catch the innocent
guilty finger pointing trigger
and pulling it
sitting stooping outside my building
viewing at street level
I see the military recruiting
the poor and unfortunate
spreading their disease
they ship them overseas to liberate
with heavy artillery to motivate
free elections?
in demonstration of democracy
a symphony of hypocrisy & heresy
those daily on the sidewalk
standing by innocently
slugs without the time to duck
they never saw it coming
they never felt no need
for a kevlar vest
and neither was it budgeted
it's injustice when innocents
inherently attract the stray bullets
and it's just as indiscriminate
as the preemptive attacks led by the U.S.
by definition
stray bullets
could only catch the innocent
guilty finger pointing trigger
and pulling it
Father hear them nightly
praying protection
to assign angelic generals
guard in all directions
let the strays deflect and ricochet
fall away 'til the day wicked hearts change or become struck down
that their destruction is ended
ain't insignificant
stray bullets
could only catch the innocent
guilty finger pointing trigger
and pulling it
Track Name: Language Of Lies
well let me blast abstract vocabulary
to counteract, resist-stance
the curse i've received
slamdance to break trance
against this grim grammar
no longer learn lessons
destined to hammer oppressive
Language Of Lies
early on in elementary
exiled our energies
captured imagination
confined creativity
stung by the spelling, see?
in government schooling
no longer fooling me
no rite to be ruling
language of lies
exhale these skeletons
see that they never live again
expel the shell of
fictional official stories
when little white lie
in the middle of beLIEve
knowing means nothing
anybody learn anything
language of lies
Track Name: Still Don't Know How To Party
crazyleg LaBrea
jaywaltz hollywood blvd
higher than the haunted hills
stepping from star to star
silver sister open arm gates
unspoken oracles
pirate broadcast plundering
people's party's portable
in our element the ruby world
where we reign BANG!
only place where soul feels safe
to come out of hiding
explode on the dance floor
half a hundred of us strong
clear the room of all hip goons
while we sing along to every song
still don't know how to party
no party people ever talk to me
drank my weight in wages
local liquid wheat dispensary
binary contagion spreading
left and to the right of me
inticing me inciting me
inviting me to partake
whose flavor or fascism
whose style of statism
so we stroll into their shindig
to shit into the lampshade
kick over the koolaid
pissing in the lemonade
polarized partisans all actually agree
party's over give me my firebird keys
Still Don't Know How To Party
no party people ever talk to me
always over before it started
still don't know how to party
Track Name: Mad Pride
Mad Pride
the only evidence you're still alive
modern scam man can't be trusted
no healthy measure to be well adjusted
society suck your energy each day
if that's what they call normal then I'd rather be insane
unholy match your money
gathered here today
to wed these credit debtors
bind these two wage slaves
when course ends in divorce
only children have to pay
if that's a happy marriage
I prefer to be unhappy
let's go crazy
mad pride it's evidence you're still alive
higher self a sovereign voice inside the head
targeted for murder, madmen want 'em dead
mad pride
Track Name: Propaganda
all we believe is Propaganda
all we conceive propaganda
all that we see is propaganda
infecting for generations
infliction of disinformation
all we receive
straight war propaganda
catapulted at us continually
have we ever wondered
where the conflict come from
do we ever consider the sources still
do we have one skeptical bone left
in this skeletal system
or have we surrendered
settled, resorted
let them warp and contort our perceptions, caked in contaminates
started to raise suspicion
when every source service the system
& every election selected for you
to carry water for them into war
all we believe is propaganda
all we conceive propaganda
all that we see propaganda
infecting for generations
infliction of misinformation
fairytale official story
fallacy & fantasy
lay bare the facts full before me
don't bore me
with unquestioning belief
Track Name: One Way Or The Other
the people are going to get justice
One Way Or The Other
so long they've done us wrong
so long they've brought us harm this way
so long we've sung this song
with tarnished tongues we curse their name
the people are going to get justice
one way or the other
it's inevitable you know you can trust us
the people are going to get justice
there's something wrong here
all the bands are broke
but the label owners are millionaires
there's something wrong here
bubble burst, banks bailed out
big bonuses for a bunch of billionaires
Track Name: Going Down
again, where to begin?
so low down made
ambassador to the Agarthans
sabotage mission against
their soil destroying
buried in the litter box
these fat cats piss in
our existence resistance
no other option against this
back on the wall
now watch em fall
they're going down
Going Down
coming up from the underground
decimating everything
about your sound
you're going down
lesser evil just a sequel of
the same that came before
every agreement been broken
all the promises ignored
scum rise through
the crust of the skin
what's gone up
come crash ground again
Track Name: All Sing Along
we decree we'll bring no harm to them
all can sing along
we'll end all fighting factions when
all can sing the same song
comfort all those who suffering
help them sing out strong
let unity consume the scene
discord give way to harmony
got to give them something
we can All Sing Along
vow we'll help no murdering
sing it sure and strong
no conquering or dividing them
everybody sing along
no invasion occupying when
we synchronize the same song
coming to common ground
we all can agree upon
Track Name: Don't Take It Out On Me
what you hear is not a test, top ranking skanking beats
and when they heard of our arrest they we're dancing in the streets
if you're dying of boredom Don't Take It Out On Me

always raining lead, city of the dead
shoulda stayed in bed, gettin' head
eyes bleeding red, but instead
here I'm up against old enemies again
considering them friend until foul weather start falling
they want it right away
they got no time to wait
never enough to say
no one listen anyway
decide what we allow & what we won't accept
what you'll be standing for & what you'll fight against

viper sniping still spit venom every session
blasting the beats out headbanging all the hessian
sexist, racist, xenophobes we make 'em go extinct
bashing bigotry while screaming out in unity
we'll get em right away
don't make us have to wait
so many things to say
is anybody listening?
let me begin by dropping mass acid in
& drastically smashing fake plastic facts out of fashion

it's what you fear, what you detest, we're top rankin' in these streets
& when they heard us at our best, suckers demanding our defeat
if you're dying of boredom don't take it out on me
Track Name: Never Cared
they Never Cared, no
they never shared or shown love
they never cared about us

they only wanted just to use you
they never knew that I could see right through them
they only love just to confuse you
they only out here just to abuse you

they never cared, no
they never shared or shown love
they never cared about us

they never cared
they never shared
they never played fair, no
they never cared about us

only aim is just to fool you
brutally misuse, accuse, refuse you
they do not know how we could see right through them
they only need to just uh... huh.. hey!

they never cared, no
they never shared or shown love
they never cared about us
Track Name: West Coast Freed The Weed
do you really wanna heal all nations?
are you ready willing raise vibrations?
are we serious in these sensations?
now that we fall free from these foundations
West Coast Freed The Weed
you get to following

do you really wanna heal your patients?
nature ready made the medication
babylon busy build abominations
too long in song to list it's endless applications
west coast freed the weed
you get to follow them
better get to following
Track Name: Red, White, Black & Blue
stare at the sun 'til we can't see anymore
the yellow belly of executive agent orange
glowing golden arches 'til the gangrene set in
black & white binary bury rainbow reflection
red, white, black & blew

growling grey skies cold blooded blue uniform
bullet down the blvd at shades of brown & black
ultra violence number one export
poor nation population target of our attack
Red, White, Black & Blue
Track Name: King Of Ska
Take your time, take time for the king is back,
Take your time, you've got to know that the king is back
Take your time, beware, for he's right on top
Take your time, you've got to know that the king is back
Don't rush it, man, you will surely lose it
I am going to burn your skin like a blazing fire
So take your time, take time for the king is back

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